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16. Oil free chocolate-zucchini muffins

One last recipe for my April Oh She Glows cookbook challenge! I can’t believe the month is over already! Time! It flies!

So I had two sad small zucchinis in my fridge so I figured I might as well bake some muffins before they go bad.

I used brown sugar instead of sucanat/coconut sugar because it was all I had. It worked well. The muffins are just sweet enough (to my taste) and very chocolatey! And so moist!!!

I added the walnuts to half of the batter because my oldest isn’t crazy about them. I was able to get 12 big muffins and 7 mini-muffins out of the mix. And both my 3.5 and 5 year old love them (and they’re really picky!) I will be making them again!

And with that, my April challenge is over! Unbelievable!

I’m so glad I decided to do this! It forced me to stop just drooling over my book and actually cook from it!

From the 16 recipes I tried, there is only one I didn’t like: the citrus tea. I wanted to list my top three favourites but it was too hard so I’ll list 5:

 5- Morning glory smoothie

4- Spa day Bircher muesli 

3 – Oil free chocolate zucchini muffins

2 – Lentil-walnut loaf

1 – Cream of tomato soup with roasted Italian chickpea croutons 

Tomorrow = new month = new book!


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