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14. Almond butter cookie dough bites

The good thing about vegan desserts (well this is in the snack section of the book but it feels like dessert to me), is that you can eat the raw dough. No worries about eating raw eggs!

Those were super easy to make. Since I didn’t make my own flour, I didn’t need a blender or food processor, I just threw everything into a bowl and mixed.

I chose almond butter instead of peanut because it’s what I had but any nut butter would work I think. They are very filling and one bite is enough to satisfy a sweet craving.

Oh and I was super excited to make them because it allowed me to finish my almond butter, which means…

Oats in a jar!

That was my breakfast this morning. I added oatmeal, maple syrup, raisins and cinnamon. Delicious!


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