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12. Metabolism-boosting green citrus tea

It’s been days since I last posted. I’ve been busy and haven’t had much time to blog but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had time for my challenge.

Even though I’ve already made more than my goal of 10 new recipes this month, I’ve kept going. I’ve made three more recipes this past week. I’ll share one today.

So. Everyone who knows me knows I love tea. Green tea, white tea, black tea, oolong, rooibos, herbals, plain or flavoured, hot or iced, I like them all.

I also like citrus so I figured I’d like this one. It couldn’t be easier: make green tea then add the other ingredients.

I used Nepal green tea from DavidsTea, steeped at 80 degrees (Celsius) for 3 minutes. I added the other ingredients and…

It didn’t work for me. The citrus taste was a bit too overpowering and I couldn’t taste the tea enough. That’s one I won’t be trying again!

Stay tuned for my next post. It’ll feature a pasta dish 🙂


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