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11. Crunchy seed & oat flatbread

There’s something about fresh, homemade bread. When I saw this flatbread recipe in the Oh She Glows book, it immediately piqued my interest. It looked delicious and healthy but the list of ingredients was a bit long…

I finally had almost everything yesterday so I thought I’d give it a try. I did it the lazy way by using oat and buckwheat flour instead of making my own. I also only had ground chia seeds so I used that for the bread and replaced them with extra sesame seeds for the crust.

I gotta say, that bread is pretty good, but very different from what I’m used to! It has oregano and thyme so it’s a savory bread; I wouldn’t use it with jam or something like that but I had it with hummus and tomatoes for lunch and it was perfect.


It is also so filling! I had a small piece (toasted!) with avocado and garlic salt this morning and I feel so full


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