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8. Lentil-walnut loaf

Yeah so I’m obviously not a food stylist 😉

You may have noticed I haven’t made any entree from Oh She Glows since the beginning of this challenge. That’s mostly because the ones that I want to make have lots of ingredients and take a long time to prepare.

But I had time on Sunday so I decided to try a recipe that had been on my list since I got the book: the lentil-walnut loaf.

Now it does take a while to prep. I had to chop walnuts, onions and celery, I had to grate carrots and an apple. 

I also had to cook the lentils. Now there are different but similar versions of this loaf. On the Oh She Glows website, it says to overcook the lentils (40ish minutes) and mash them with a spoon. In the book, you cook them 20-25 minutes and mash them in a food processor. And in the new Oh She Glows app, they use canned lentils.

I ended up going with the overcooked lentils method (I didn’t want to have to clean my food processor ;))

The result? An absolutely delicious dish. There’s a very « meaty » taste to it and the balsamic glaze is great. I will make this again (but maybe not every week 😉

Oh and I mentioned the new Oh She Glows app. I got it as soon as it was available (I was waiting for it) and it’s a beautiful product. I love the photography and the fact that you can add recipes to your favourites and add notes.

I do wish there was a way to have a list of favourites (that you have tried and liked) and a separate list for your « must try » recipes. And maybe a way to hide recipes that you know you’ll never make (anything with mushrooms as a main ingredient for me). 

I’m also hoping for more exclusive app content. But I really do like the app! 


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