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The great cookbook challenge

Hello world!

I’m coming back into blogging, because I miss it and because I need an outlet for this yearlong project I have in mind.

Anyone who knows me knows i love a good challenge. I like to have projects, deadlines, clear goals. I don’t always succeed at the many challenges I take on, but at least I try.

I thought about doing a cookbook challenge after stumbling upon one on Honey and cardamom. The blogger decided to make all the recipes from the Oh she glows cookbook.

Great idea! Now I want to do a cookbook challenge too. And I have a lot of cookbooks. 

(A few from my collection)

I don’t want to cook every recipe from a cookbook, but I decided to concentrate on one book a month and cook at least 10 recipes from that book during the month. Sounds doable, right?

I may repeat a book during the year and I think I’ll also do a Pinterest month (where I’ll concentrate on all those recipes I pin!) and a magazine month (from all those recipes I ripped from mags and put in a binder).

The challenge will go from April 2016 to April 2017. Should be fun 🙂


3 réflexions sur “The great cookbook challenge

      1. Atwater & Jean Talon market, as well as the Metro Grocery store on Sherbrooke in Westmount are my top picks. I also like to go to the ethnic shops in Villeray for some of the more specific ingredients. And of course, if all else fails, I am a regular on 🙂


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